Is top funnel content the key to reducing your churn rate?

That sounds odd, I know. Content that potential customers discover at the top of the funnel is… well, at the top of the funnel. So what on earth does it have to do with customer retention and reducing your churn rate? Those educational blog posts, ebooks, guides, infographics were masterfully created to target specific personas to acquire qualified leads, and bring them further down the funnel to eventual conversion. Why would a customer who is days or hours away from giving up on your product forever care about this content? I mean, the customer journey is as simple as top, to middle, to bottom funnel content, right?



If your top funnel content is offering the right kind of value that’s properly aligned to the problem being solved by your product, why shouldn’t it work double duty. Incorporate this high value content into your retention email flows starting with product on-boarding. Sure, break it up, repackage it, repurpose it; whatever it takes to make sense in the customer experience, but whatever you do, use it! Don’t let your best top funnel content be just for prospects. Chances are your customers either didn’t read it, or they won’t remember. Continue to provide this value after the sale, and your churn rate will thank you.

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