“How do you turn your company inside out?”

I just read a great article by Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at Content Marketing Institute called, Content Is Too Important to Leave to a Content Department. In it he cites “Indium’s simple but powerful ‘From One Engineer to Another’ blog network” as an example of a company treating content with product development methodology instead of the traditional campaign focused way of doing things. Having no idea who Indium is, and always intrigued by a company’s ability to create a blog network, I did some googling.

Indium is a supplier of materials to the electronics industry. We’re talking semiconductors, thermal management, and flux capacitors. Really sexy stuff. The “From One Engineer to Another” blog network refers to the company’s successful effort to get their engineers blogging. Certainly this ethos goes much deeper in their communication strategy than what you see on their blog, but I love this example of B2B content marketing.

Kudos to their Director of Marketing Communications, Rick Short, for spearheading this operation:

I’ve been saying repeatedly, for years, that the best way to influence your target audience is with your authenticity. To do that, turn your company inside out. Let your formerly behind-the-scenes staff talk to your audiences.

Rick wants to know, “How do you turn your company inside out?

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