Conferences are a treasure trove of growth potential for any startup. Networking, customer insights, sales, awareness, and partnership opportunities all overflowing one large room like Scrooge McDuck’s vault of gold coins.

However, introverted founders at a conference most likely feel like most of the other DuckTales characters when they attempt to dive and swim in The Money Bin — in pain!

Of course, the best founders face their fears and still get behind a small booth in the corner of the exhibit hall to attempt Scrooge’s famous swan dive.

I’ve been to the same conference (ISTE) two separate times as the co-founder of two different companies  (Bakpax and Shared Audiences), and while it was an incredibly valuable experience both times, I always wished there was a better way to extract the value of being completely surrounded by my ideal customers, without spending a fortune on a large booth or signage around the conference center.

Enter cheat code: Geofence Audience Targeting

What if you could draw a virtual geographic boundary precisely around the location of the conference, and only serve ads to people while they were in the building during the time of the conference? 

What if this audience segment of people in this “geofence” could then be retargeted with ads after they left the virtual boundary for up to 30 days? 

Not only can you access this prime audience during the conference, but you can stay top of mind after the conference when the buying decisions are actually made.

You might say, well, I can already do geotargeting with Google and Meta Ads. The response is, you simply can not get as precise with Google or Meta as you can with Geofence Audience Targeting, and you absolutely need that precision to make this type of advertising effective.  

If you’re an introverted founder who knows they need a presence at a conference, but you don’t want to spend the money to fly to the conference, stay in a hotel, purchase a booth in the exposition hall, and all the marketing swag and material that goes with it (AND the pain of being social for 8 hours straight), get in touch today!