Online Reputation Management

Your Customers Are Everything

In this digital age, your online reputation is make or break for business success. A whopping 81-95% of shoppers research companies online before buying anything – whether it’s an online purchase or an in-store visit1. What they see and read about you is absolutely critical.

Your online reputation covers the full scope – reviews on sites like Google, BBB, and Yelp, your social media presence, news mentions, forum chatter, and any other internet content tied to your brand. Managing this reputation is an ongoing battle that directly impacts customer trust, public perception, sales, and growth potential.

The pandemic only amplified this, forcing customers to rely almost entirely on online information when making purchases. A strong online reputation became the ultimate purchasing ally.

Monitoring Reviews is Mission Critical

93% of consumers say online reviews are a huge factor in their buying decisions2. Reviews are one of the most high-impact sources of product/service information out there.

The reality is, most people only leave reviews when they’re extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied with an experience. While some negative feedback is unavoidable, too many negative reviews can be catastrophic for your business.

That’s why consistently responding to reviews – especially negative ones – with clear resolution steps is absolutely vital. It shows you value customer voices, are committed to quality experiences, and can ultimately boost loyalty, recommendations, conversions and profits.

Positive review acknowledgments are equally important. They reinforce that you appreciate your customers and care about delivering great service.

Plus, reviews (positive, negative and neutral) provide priceless insights into what’s working and what’s not – enabling operational improvements to strengthen your business.

Social Listening Averts Crisis

Posting quality social content is table stakes for attracting and informing customers these days. But it’s just as critical to listen to what customers are saying about you on social media.

Whether it’s reactions to new product launches, feedback on service experiences or anything else, tuning into the social chatter surrounding your brand can help you make smarter business decisions and prevent potential reputation crises before they spiral out of control.

From news articles to forum posts and beyond, public opinions about your brand are being formed every single day. Keeping a pulse on this commentary is essential for generating more positive opinions than negative ones.

Let Us Elevate Your Reputation

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