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The introvert founder’s cheat code to conference marketing

Conferences are a treasure trove of growth potential for any startup. Networking, customer insights, sales, awareness, and partnership opportunities all overflowing one large room like Scrooge McDuck’s vault of gold coins. However, introverted founders at a conference most likely feel like most of the other DuckTales characters when they attempt to dive and swim in […]

Pinterest Ads Guide to Growing Your Ecommerce Brand

Introduction to Pinterest Ads Pinterest Ads is a powerful platform that can help e-commerce brands effectively reach their target audience and drive sales. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to make the most out of Pinterest Ads and how it can contribute to the growth of your brand. First we must understand why […]

Problem Solving or Passion? Deciphering Products & Their Paths to Success

Out of the millions if not billions of products in the world, I’ve come to the realization that they fall into two major categories. WHAT?! Just two Jonathan? That can’t be right! Well hear me out. The first is products that thrive off of a problem that a market has. The second is products that […]

A Tale of Two Products: Or, How Not to Blow Your Hard Earned Money on Zucks New Underground Bunker

If I held your product in my hand, and said “It’s physically…alright.” What would that mean to you? Or would it mean anything at all? What if I then said, “I like the function of it!”. Ahh I bet that clears things up for you right? You see, as a wise man once said, “In […]

Audience Growth: A Strategic Guide for E-Commerce Brands

In the competitive world of e-commerce, the key to sustainable success is mastering the art of audience growth. It’s an ongoing process that goes beyond mere numbers; it’s about cultivating a thriving community that resonates with your brand’s ethos and advocates for your products. This detailed guide aims to equip e-commerce brands with a robust […]

10 Audience Development Tools to Engage and Grow Your Customer Base

In today’s digital era, engaging and growing your customer base is crucial for the success of any online business. With the abundance of audience development tools available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones that will effectively increase your online sales. To help you make an informed decision, we have curated a list […]

Captivate your Cyber Crowd: Unleashing Techniques for Unrivaled Online Engagement

Are you tired of being just another voice in the endless chatter of the digital realm? Desperate to captivate your cyber crowd and leave them breathless with anticipation? Look no further! In this groundbreaking article, we unveil the secrets behind unrivaled online engagement techniques. Brace yourself for a journey into the depths of the virtual […]

Defining a Marketing Category: Shared Audience Optimization (SAO)

Partnerships are arguably the most effective way to achieve massive growth, but far too often the work of identifying, analyzing, and leveraging the best partners is insufficient. In reality, it’s the audience of each partner that holds the value. What if we expanded our idea of a partnership from agreements with detailed contracts to ANY […]

Mike Moran, Author of SEM, Inc., IBM Distinguished Engineer, and AI Expert Joins Shared Audiences as Chief Strategy Officer

If you’re a veteran of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry, there’s zero chance you don’t know who Mike Moran is. Along with Bill Hunt, Mike co-authored arguably the most popular book on Search Marketing ever written. Search Engine Marketing, Inc was first published