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Company Values

Hyper-cynic, we see you. We are you. Company values are too often just a tactic to get employees to work harder, so the owners can make more money. After all, we’re a marketing company, we know how influential words can be. We have written these down to attract people who want to build and be part of a similar culture, but we’ve also written them down to hold ourselves accountable. No one is perfect all the time. All we can do is try our best, and always try to do better. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. You be the judge.

1. Your Family Comes First

We are not your family. Your family is your family. We are so grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your time working with us, but your family’s health and safety are more important. When things come up, don’t feel bad about doing what you need to do. If you don’t have family, friends can be just as good (or better). Definitely become friends with your colleagues if you want, but our company is not your friend. It’s a company, and a company is not a human.

2. Your Mental Health Comes First

If you break your leg, you need it to heal before you can walk. If you’re depressed, you need to take care of yourself before you can do your best work. It’s that simple. You must find your own balance. We are fortunate to live in the age of work flexibility. Use this to your advantage to find your balance.

3. Your Dreams Come First

If this is your dream job. Amazing! We are really happy for you (and really lucky!). If this is not your dream job, please don’t ever forget about your dreams. Share them with us. Maybe we can help.

4. We’re Not Saving Lives

Our loved ones, friends, and many others have professions where they actually save lives. We are in marketing. Breathe, and act accordingly, a.k.a. Chill out!

5. Clear Communication is Everything

We believe in being direct, as long as it’s done respectfully. Communicating in the right way is the hardest part of our jobs. It’s also the most important. Clarity of purpose prevents dysfunction. Clarity of thought helps us perform better and faster. When we are clear in our written and oral communication, we increase our colleagues’ and clients’ comprehension and save their time. We believe in clear goals and clear performance feedback.

6. Kindness and Compassion are Mission Critical

We only work with people who care about other people. We don’t hire assholes, and we don’t work with them either. There’s a lot to disagree about these days. If any of your beliefs impinge on the human rights of another, do not bring them into our workplace. Discrimination or harassment in any form will never be tolerated.

7. Trust is Paramount

We are a remote company, which means we don’t see each other everyday. We do our best to at least see each other’s faces on video, and will try to meet in person when possible, but varying time zones and our belief in flexibility will make this very difficult. TRUST your colleagues. We are all here for the right reasons. Hold each other accountable, and assume the best.

8. Conflicts are Essential, So are Decisions

Healthy debate and disagreement are encouraged, and essential for the best solutions to prevail. Decisions also must be made with urgency. Once a decision is made, we move on together.

9. Sleep On It

Even though urgency is important, so is perspective. Often it’s difficult to gain perspective when you’re too in the weeds. Don’t be afraid to sleep on a decision, it can make a world of difference.

10. Contradictory Views Can Both Be Right

The world is not black and white. Seemingly opposing views can both be correct. We try to hold onto this reality and see the bigger picture, while not letting this view keep us from taking action. We see the forest for the trees.

11. Bring Strong Opinions, Hold them Lightly

Being passionate and excited about your opinions is important to galvanize support and get people working together, but never be blind to new information. If better ideas are presented, always be brave enough to admit when you’re wrong, and self-aware enough to be able to let strongly held beliefs go. We don’t let our egos get in our way.

12. Silly Comes in Handy

While we may need reminding, we always do our best to have fun, and not take ourselves too seriously. Never be afraid to bring humor to the situation. Laughter and silliness are always welcome. See #4

13. Time is Precious

We believe in the value of time. Use it wisely, care for it, save it, don’t waste it. Not only your time, but other people’s time. Having compassion for others includes respecting their time

14. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Whether we live by these values is for you to determine in our actions. Hold each other accountable. Ultimately, our values are what we do, not what we sa